Thursday, December 12, 2013

Keeping Children Safe While Traveling!

When Traveling With Small Children Remember To...

1. Keep child with you at all times.
2. Attend child while he or she goes to the restroom.
3. Sit with child while on bus, plane, and/or train, etc.
4. Wear the same color clothing as your child to easily identify your child if you get separated.
5. Never leave child unattended.
6. . Hold small child’s hand at all times.
7. Keep calm and attentive.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Parents Guide To Keeping Children Safe and Protected!

Welcome To the Child Alert Blog!

This Blog is made to help parents keep their children safe at home and in public places!

Child Alert:  A Parents Guide To Keeping Children Safe and Protected!

1.  At Home
2.  At School
3.  With Babysitter
4.  At A Friends house
5.  At The Park and Public Places
6.  Walking to the store, home, family member’s house, friend’s house, bus stop, work, etc.
7.   Healthy Communication with children
8.  Driving with children
9.  Learn CPR and First Aid
10. Self-Defense